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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Chapter 1

Regular - dull gray

I know a man with unusual desires, with a strange understanding and lofty aspirations... but can he be strange just for me? Probably, many of us think this way: if a person does not behave like everyone else - he hardly gets along with others, it must be difficult for him to find like-minded people, he may not even have good friends or friends at all ...

Weird in moderation or normal weirdness? In my opinion, if strangeness is easily explained by logic, then it is colorful, not dull gray.

Chapter 2

Transition Magic

My friend says: "Avoid lies and evil moods, because if you lie, you will never know what is true and what is not... you will find yourself among evil people, you will start to see the world in a distorted way.. ...If you want to be closer to the Truth, you must go over to the side of Good." It's hard for everyone to admit that you can't change people who lie. You also can't change people who have evil in them. It's not easy to communicate with anyone. But, as my friend says, don't specifically look for people who don't know how to lie, or people who aren't evil. One way or another, life will bring you together with people like you, or life will punish you and you will be left alone. It depends on your inner state.

In order to move to the side of Good, my friend stopped communicating with everyone who radiated lies, and left aside those who harbored malice. And yet, in order to go over to the side of Good, he even decided to stay alone, if such is life. When he told me this truth about his transition, I immediately remembered the story I had heard as a child about the Taijitu symbol. I thought: “If you decide not to be with bad people, then there are many good people, at least half of all people in the world”...

Chapter 3

The listening sky

I had a lot of fun listening to my friend’s story about the sky. He told me that people look down at the earth so often and for so long. We see only what is right in front of us. We search for something by only looking in front of us and behind us. And we look sideways when we what to see where we are. We notice various things on the ground that someone has lost or left behind. And we so rarely look at the sky, the beautiful clouds in the day sky and the little shining stars in the night sky... My friend paused for a moment and quietly added, “You know, the sky is listening to our thoughts”.

Chapter 4

Defeated dragons

It takes many fights to defeat the dragons. If you say that dragons do not exist, you are wrong. You are also wrong if you think that dragons are not after us. We will become true life soldiers only after defeating at least a dozen dragons. Each defeated dragon will give its strength to us. So we can get stronger and stronger only by defeating the dragons.

Once again, I was thinking that it was a fun story coming from my friend’s lips, and I was surprised when he told me the names of three dragons: smoking, intoxicants and laziness…

Chapter 5


All the stories about what would have been and what would not have been, laughter and even a smile from nothing, heard serious and not so things - made me feel warmth inside. I realized that I need to cherish and cherish THIS more than ever...

I do not know who he is. To me, he is most likely similar to the Alien…

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