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P a r t 0 1 (in English)

In my opinion, responsibility is closely related to discipline. Discipline does not have to be strict, nor does it have to be rigid. Not at all… We just need to maintain some discipline so that, in time, certain actions that we do become habitual and routine. We need to do these few simple things every day without thinking that they are obligatory. Ideally, we should do these actions automatically, without even considering whether to do them or not.

Believe it or not, I know several people who have benefited immensely from sticking to small habits in their lives and this occurred in a very simple manner. My uncle would say: “They were lucky because they happened to be in the right place at the right time”.

And I say:

–        It is even less complicated than that. EVERYTHING in life happens exactly the way it is supposed to be. EVERYTHING that you have and get in your life depends on who you are.

So I wrote the book “Abby – the alien” because I wanted to remind us that there are some simple things that can help our children to prepare for upcoming events in their life and help them be successful. You will find a simple rule in each part. In book [01], there is the first hint of a short morning routine consisting of three quite simple exercises that you can come up with yourselves – just make sure that you do them after washing your face. Remember that you should not jump out of bed in the morning and rush straight away to do errands. First, you should wash your face and do three simple exercises. This will help you to wake up and calm down. You will feel ready to face the day’s events. You just have to get used to doing this consistently every lovely morning in your childhood. Later, you will do this without even thinking about it – your body will do this almost automatically, and you will not even realize that there could be any other morning routine. You just have to instil this in your child.

And if your child is interested in my book or likes the story and drawings of the alien Abby, I think you can even use these or other reminders:

·         What would Abby do now?

·         What does Abby have to do as soon as he wakes up?

·         Do you remember what the Stone said to Abby? What do we have to do first thing in the morning?  

There is a simple secret hidden in each part of the book ([01], [02] and [03]). Besides, each part will reveal some simple actions that, in my opinion, should become a habit or a simple rule. In my blog, I will briefly explain each part, and when all three parts are finished, I will summarise my thoughts on Abby – the alien.

It is a story where a few simple rules have been hidden – rules that can change your life. The rules are so simple that it is hard to believe that they can work so well.

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