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...the dark night always ends...

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Close your eyes, slowly raise your head up and look at the sky. Look at the whole sky. Be still. Now, slowly take a few deep breaths of fresh air. Then slowly exhale the air and continue breathing quietly. Take your time... Feel a small ball in your chest. It is a small ball of invisible energy, and it is gently smiling at you.

Now, repeat the same.

This is how we receive good energy from above. We need this energy as it is helpful to us.

Today’s world is abundant with change. I think it’s inevitable. Quite often, I wonder about the yin and yang symbol. I think, it comes to my mind not by chance. As I live and learn, I have come to realise that everything that appears to be complicated is actually very simple. The yin and yang symbol looks simple but there is a deep meaning behind it. I don’t know who drew it but I know that not everyone can convey the essence of existence in such a simple and clear manner.

I tried to imagine what would happen if the black colour from the symbol tried to spread and cover most of the circle by compressing the white area. It is impossible if it’s fluid because there are droplets. It means that any process will always come back to the equal ratio. No matter how much the black colour may try to expand by compressing the white colour in the circle, it is IMPOSSIBLE. The reverse action is also impossible. The white colour cannot expand and reduce the amount of the black area. There will always be a balance.

In this life, we have to go through both the black and the white areas and without stumbling choose the right side – the white side.

One person who has come a long way in life said to me:

“Today, the world is ruled by big money. Arrogant wealthy people will never be able to understand an ordinary person. Only a person who has experienced poverty can understand what true wealth is”.

I believe that our existence here – on this path of life – is meant to purify our souls!

I am convinced that there is too much darkness in the universe based on what we see and what we are told by scientists.

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