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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

For some reason, I believe that everything in the universe is based on energy; and the energy can be of many kinds and manifest in many ways. We all understand that in order to fly with an airplane to another city or launch a missile into the moon, we have to fill them with fuel which is necessary for their engines to generate energy; and this energy helps them to travel the desired distance. Yet, I would say the same about our dreams and aspirations. I ask myself whether our dreams require fuel and whether we need inner engines to produce energy and help us to achieve our goals or fulfill our dreams. I think that we are those strange and special engines... We are so special that there are a lot of types of energy engines within us. One kind of an engine in us is the physical force. For example, we can lift a stone and carry it to the other side of the road. If we want, we can go to the shop or go for a walk for our pleasure :) In order for this engine to work within us, we need fuel or food, i.e., we have to eat. It is easy to perceive this process. I think that people tend to know everything in life in a simple way. We like things to be clear and easy to be explained... That is why we know the power of the physical force very well and we know how the physical force works and what it can do... But where then the sky ends, I ask... What is the engine of our dreams? What is this special fuel that helps us to overcome the distance to the fulfillment of our dream?.. What is it?.. Today, I am trying to figure out what it is and what it looks like because I have a big DREAM. I really want MY DREAM to come true, I want to travel to MY DREAM, I want to be where MY DREAM has already come true...

But where then the sky ends, I ask... "

Maybe this engine is our soul – our spirit in the physical body? Maybe the strength of this engine depends on whether our soul is pure... Maybe the fuel of this engine is our thoughts and prayers that need to be sent to heaven... We always wonder what it really is... And then the word “maybe” comes up. ‘Maybe it is that?’ ‘Maybe yes?..’ ‘Maybe like this?’ This “maybe” part does not allow us to know everything to the end because even if we do not say it, we repeat it in our mind... This unfortunate “maybe” makes us feel confused and unsure. I believe that our faith weakens because of this little word. When we use “maybe”, we express our doubts.

I have tried to throw away this word “maybe” from my life. So my dream engine is my SOUL. And the fuel for this extraordinary engine is the PRAYER OF MY THOUGHTS set towards heaven. By adding the necessary effort to all of this, I believe that I HAVE ALREADY STARTED TRAVELLING THIS INVISIBLE DISTANCE!

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