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M y D e m o n s

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

There is a certain number of ‘devils’ living within each person and I call my own – demons. I call them demons to make them look stronger and more vicious. And then I have a greater desire to tame them. Because the stronger powers you can tame, the stronger you feel...

To make the demons stop influencing you in a negative sense, you have to work with them, train them and tame them.

“ I call them demons to make them look stronger and more vicious. And then I have a greater desire to tame them. "

What are those demons?

Several years ago, a master of martial arts explained how we can understand the Taijitu symbol. The image consists of a circle divided into two teardrop-shaped halves – one white and the other black. Within each half there is a smaller circle of the opposite color. The man told me that there are many very good things in the world and many very bad things. But nothing is absolutely good or absolutely bad. Even in every good thing there is a little evil, and in every bad thing there is something good.

This is an old Eastern philosophy. I do not know if he explained it to me correctly but I still do remember his story. From time to time, I wonder if this is really the case in life. The most fearful thing for me to imagine that the badge probably represents the world and it has as much evil as good. The sign is round as the world, and the two colors – white and black – are of exactly the same size. I felt even more fear because the man mentioned in his story that the symbol stands for the principle of harmony. Is there so much evil in the world? I don’t really want to believe that it is... Today I know only one thing – no matter how much black is there in the world, I am the white color with the black dot! This little black dot in me represents my Demons whom I can tame and transform into the white color.

I think that our Demons are bad thoughts, bad moods, anger... If suddenly I feel anything like this, I always try to slow down and lock those moods and states deep inside myself. But when you do this for quite a while, the demons get bigger. They start growing inside of you. That’s why it is necessary to train, tame and transform them – make them turn into white...

And one of such ways of doing this is physical activity of my body and my spirit – both together. I find it very nice when someone finds this combination. We usually understand the physical activity of the body in very simple terms – as movement and exercise. But I also need physical activity of spirit. This is how I understand it. Along with the physical actions of your body, you are involved in the process and your inner energy. Maybe unevenly strong, but always connected and at some points it becomes very active.

What have I discovered personally for myself? That’s longboard. For me, this is a mysterious state of weightlessness. As I ride this long skateboard, I feel I am above the ground. In my imagination I would compare this to a low flight. It helps me to be myself. In this way I make my Demons obey me, I become their master, I tame them and put their powers on my own motion...

It is a very good feeling when after a longboard trip I feel that my Demons turned white and flew to the skies... Maybe this white color from the sky will return to me with a nice and true response…

“ I feel that my Demons turned white and flew to the skies "

Today I took down my long skateboards from the wall. I thoroughly cleaned the dust, checked all the wheels I have and decided which ones I will use first. I put together the bearings that would be best for my first spring rides and charged the batteries. I’m happy and my spirit is high. I know that each day there is less and less time to wait for the warm days of the spring.

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