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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

For me, autumn is a mysterious and beautiful time of year.

In my country, all four seasons are very different and distinct in their own way. If we consider the seasons of the year as separate periods for experiencing different sensations, then after a beautiful, warm and careless summer, it would be time for peace and concentration to dwell in your soul.

In autumn, our body starts preparing for a more difficult period, for the upcoming cold and long dark nights. Even the environment is falling in the autumn. This makes us think more rationally about everything and plan our schedules more responsibly.

Autumn is the time when carelessness ends and you want to feel warm and cozy at home. We need this more and more when it gets darker and cooler earlier in the evenings. Our bodies adjust to this state by accumulating energy inside – generating it by the seriousness and peace of our souls. I even feel how my body fills up with something that helps me to observe the environment in a different way. It might be about the sense of security. The feeling that the air around you is turning into a shield that protects you somehow. By experiencing this, you realize that this is where the secret of autumn secret lies.

Our bodies adjust to this state by accumulating energy inside – generating it by the seriousness and peace of our souls

I think everything has its perfect beauty, including autumn. As the autumn period sets in and the nature changes, the sun comes out less and less often. And you start to appreciate every little bright sunray. You realize how pleasant and important it is to you. It seems that the changing tree leaves change the colors of the sunshine in the evenings. The sun seems to be more reddish and it casts different colors on your environment than it did in the summer. You try to take advantage of every single sunny minute in the autumn. You catch yourself juggling between your daily routine and your day-to-day work routine. And suddenly you see that even the smiles of the people around you have some sun power. Their smiles shine and make you warm.

Sometimes you think you shouldn’t like this change from the autumn days. But deep inside you know this: I love the clouds in the autumn, I love the sun rarely appearing behind them, and I even love the rain which is getting colder and more persistent. And I know that all of this entails something very important at the special time.

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