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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Winter is the teacher of patience

I have met a few young people in my life who wanted to have everything while yet studying at school. When you think about it, such an aspiration might be quite healthy – having a lot of beautiful clothes, a good computer and a most up-to-date phone. Being able to have dinner wherever you want and whenever you want… Dreaming about expensive cars and luxury homes... But what surprised me most was their insatiability. They wanted to have everything right there. I think that such people do not know what daily Happiness and the beauty of youth is. It turns out that the goal of being the first and the best is not always the best support. The worst thing is that they start to mistakenly program their future without realizing it. Now, after seven years, I see that they exhausted the energy of youth with their aspirations and turned it into nothing. I would ask them: What was all of this for? Was it really so necessary? After all, the beauty of a human being lies in the glow of his or her inner being and abilities. And only with your inner glow and abilities, you can achieve everything in your life and have what you want.

Only a few people understand how to acquire this feature – your ‘inner glow’. And I guess we do not always feel other people’s inner glow when they pass by or talk to us.

I think that this quality should be pursued most of all. Trying to feel it inside... And not by measuring tangible things... One of the most important factors in trying to achieve this in your life is Patience. It is a really useful feature. And for me, WINTER is the teacher of Patience.

“ Today, I achieve things one after another. In a calm, intelligent sequence... Not immediately… Not by doing anything… This is the test of patience. And I call it the power of patience. ”

How can one learn patience? You will not become patient so easily. You cannot just make a decision about it. Let’s say, from tomorrow I will be patient. It won’t happen in such a simple way…

I know that when the winter is approaching, it is teaching me to understand that soon it will be cold, that it will be dark, that I will often be at home and there will be very little sunshine, and that all the fun activities I had in the summer will disappear.

Yes, there are many other hobbies and pleasures you can do in the wintertime. But I guess I love summer more. For me, winter is the time of work and inner preparation with minimal entertainment. I set my goals for winter in autumn. I decide what I will be trying to achieve and learn in winter. And at the end of autumn, I already look forward to winter.

Today, I achieve things one after another. In a calm, intelligent sequence… Not immediately… Not by doing anything… This is the test of patience. And I call it the power of patience. When I imagine winter, my mind creates an image: I am swallowing something with my spiritual body from the skies, slowly transforming myself from the inside and little by little becoming stronger spiritually… It is of course very important to find something in your daily life what could help you to maintain your inner peace throughout winter. And then you can feel that your life is filled with this burning idea in the depth of your heart! It is not easy. You have to learn it. Sometimes things do not go right as you would like to. There are days when I slip, but then my Faith comes quickly to help me. A strong belief in your own idea helps you to quickly get everything back to the intended track...

Sometimes, on a dark winter night, when I look at the white snow through my window, I imagine myself as this white snow, shining in full moon light, trying to defeat the darkness with its whiteness, trying to achieve my goal...

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