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The younger generation learns to press the buttons and use technologies automatically and very quickly. Today, life is impossible without technology. There are currently so many apps for phones where you can access loads of useful information. We can also find a lot of information which helps us to learn about the smart devices. But it takes time. Nevertheless, we need them because they make our life easier and more interesting.

I have noticed that people are eager to learn to use as many technologies as possible, and the technologies devour them. We get fascinated by their functions and many possibilities. In the midst of technology, we forget or put aside the most important thing – the human side of our life. We should always consider our and other people’s inner life (the inner self me): feelings, emotions, smiles, love, truth, colors, moods, smells, sounds, and faith. This should exist as an inevitable balance between the two worlds: human values and technology.


There were a few things in my life that changed me completely. I would say that I had three life changing experiences after which I started seeing the world and what happens in it in quite different colors. Not only new feeling and new emotions were born in me but over time I realized that my thoughts were different as well. These life changing experienced were caused by several seemingly simple events:

1. I was learning to draw when my teacher introduced me with the world of visual emotion.

2. The birth of my son has awoken the warmest feelings in my soul.

3. After spending a few months in hospital, I understood what is most important in life.

I think that all of us undergo the process of transformation throughout our life. However, not everyone chooses this path. I feel sad when I see people who do not want to be the ‘good character’ in their lives. Maybe this is the way we were created by the world order… I personally think that we should resist the temptations in life.


I always enjoyed to observe other people and contemplate on lives and destinies. I noticed very quickly the difference between the lives of the good and bad characters. At first, I saw how the lie won over the truth. But later I came to realize that it is impossible to overcome the truth. I have seen people as the bad characters thinking that they are right but their life had no meaning and purpose. I have also seen people who are sorry and sad that they had spent many years of their life on the wrong path and they would like to change many things now. I have seen people who teach their children to be the ‘bad characters’ and tell their kids that this is the secret of being successful... Someone can push us in the wrong direction if we do not believe in the in truth and goodness enough.

And all of this happens to us in the form of failure when we forget that the most important thing is inside the human soul.

I have been thinking a lot about how we can follow the right path in our life and how we can find out what is most important in life...

Today I think that the most significant choices and aspects of life are as follows:

  1. Find out what you do best and what kind of activity gives you the greatest pleasure. Perhaps it could be called ‘who will you be’ or ‘your profession’. It is very important not to make a mistake here because only people who do what they love can be happy.

  2. Do not be afraid to wait, seek and always believe that you will meet your true and only companion in life. We all need to feel sincere and true love in life. One day you will find the right person and you will realize that you have never felt yourself so clearly. We are always found by those we are worthy of.

  3. Truth is a remarkable phenomenon. It cannot be defeated by lies, tricks or deception. Sometimes we have to endure bad things for the truth. Nevertheless, the truth is the core of our inner world.

  4. Our fate is given for us ‘from above’ and we will never outsmart the higher forces. What we can do is be those who make the Fate change for the better. The guardian angels will protect such people.

There are many other significant philosophical ideas but I have chosen these four as the most important. I believe that I am not wrong.

I know that when a person matures along the way of life, he or she has the opportunity to create the Miracle of Life or maybe just a small Miracle, insignificant in size. What everybody needs to know is that its size is not relevant because it is not the size that determines the effect of the miracle.

Dreams come true if they are real. I believe in my dreams and try to make an effort in order to implement them:

I would like very much to create a piece of work which would teach us some beautiful things if we are touched by it... I think it could be a message with an emoji which reflects the mood or the feeling. And this little emotion could make us feel better inside, regardless of whether it is happy or sad.

When we are touched by this, we become a little bit different because WE ALL LEARNING HOW TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE EMOTIONAL ENVIRONMENT.

U M I K O   M A N D O

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